Nature’s natural ambience


Ambience to each of us, is probably something difference. For me, it is simply the beautiful nature that is around me. Whether it’s the ocean air, the wind blowing while sitting in the woods, listening to waves crash, watching a waterfall…all of that to me is ambience. Pure and simple. Watching the animals in their natural habitat come and go – there’s just something simple and basic about that.

Now – I have a friend at work, we’ll call him Sean. And HE is not a big nature fan. He is so much not a nature fan that one night he arrived home to his apartment and saw a raccoon. The said raccoon was between him and his apartment. If it were me, I would probably do the wrong thing and try to get up close and capture said raccoon being mischievous. However – Sean…froze up. And sat in his car for over an hour. So obviously people like Sean do not appreciate nature like I do. For Sean, ambience to him is being in a ballroom, wearing a suit, and talking to many people.


This picture depicts a youth missions trip that I was able to be a part of. The one person not blurred is my college age daughter. Everyone else has been blurred for privacy. While a youth missions trip may seem insane, it can also create a strange sense of ambience. The slightly stressful kind – but watching teens work together, for many hours a day, for a certain purpose, without complaint…there’s just something calming and serene about that. It makes up for the teenage chaos that’s involved.



Snowing at Winona Lake, December 2016

The paradoxical truth is that we will never be happy if we are primarily concerned
with finding happiness. Christ = true happiness.


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