Who God uses

Often we think that God only uses only perfect people. Wrong. Throughout history, God uses imperfect people, normal people. God often chooses to not use the popular, successful, or rich to do something great for Him – but the broken, the poor, and those who are faithful to Him.

Do you feel like you’re not worthy enough? Think again. Christ uses people who are normal and flawed. God takes us AS WE ARE – and HE fixes us. No matter what you’ve been through.

Look at Peter and John. They were uneducated fishermen – yet they were bold, courageous, and had penetrating speech. Why? Because they “knew Christ.” They were not the religious elite that people expected men of God to be – they were common. God isn’t like we are – He looks into the heart of a man or woman. He doesn’t judge based on someone’s past, on their outward appearance, or their background.

Many have heard the story of David. David’ sole desire was to please God. When David was young, his job was to guard sheep. He was not a ruler, not a King, he was quite simply a shepherd. He would take lions and sheep down to guard his flock. While others saw him as a simple shepherd boy, that prepared him for God’s plan for his future.

Though may God may have great plans for you, it may not be today or tomorrow. No one is perfect, just remember that God takes the ordinary and makes them extraordinary.


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