Why don’t people…care?!

Care Packages…seemingly something small, yet so much more meaningful for others.


In my previous church, the youth group sends out college care packages every year to the college students of the church – to prior students of the youth group. Today I was reminded of this when one of those college students posted pictures of his care package and about how great his youth group is. Note about this student is that he grew up with my daughter, and they went to youth group together. That is, until the big “D” – my divorce. When I was essentially shunned from my church, my daughter was also shunned from her youth group. These kids were her friends until about her Junior year of high school – and they essentially all dropped her like she had the plague. Oh…she tried, and she tried, and she tried. But after failed attempts at getting a ride (I was working), attempting to keep in contact with friends, getting taken off the mailing list, taken off the invite list, no longer being invited to youth events, etc.


So I know my daughter saw said “guy’s” post. And she didn’t like it – which meant it hit her heart. Which hit my heart. This was the church my daughter grew up in. The youth group my daughter was a part of. These were her youth leaders and friends. And when it came time to send out care packages there is one they forgot – because of  a divorce.

So naturally, I did  what any good mother would do – I went online and ordered my daughter a care package. Luckily I’m an Amazon Prime member so she’ll have it in two days. While her previous church, youth group, and friends may not love her – I always will.

If you know of any college students, soldiers, families, single parents, widows, or solo people – who are going it on their own…reach out to them somehow. We do get lonely. We do miss people. But you’ll never hear us admit to that. Send them a card, a kind word, or if you can…a care package. Brighten someone’s day – even if it’s a stranger’s. Be that difference. 

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